There are almost no places in Israel where you can drink really delicious, properly brewed quality tea
(not from paper bags).
Even in places where it can be found, the variety is small and limited to 2-3 kinds.
And we really, really love tea! We specialize in tea and know that there are lots of people, just like you,
who are longing for a true teahouse with a wide selection of high-quality tea.
In addition to quality, there are very different types of teas and people sometimes desire completely
different flavors and experiences depending on the season, mood, time of day and health condition. You
may like to try something new and exciting, or prefer to drink something homely and nostalgic.
Therefore, we are going to introduce you to very different tea types: Indian, Ceylon, Japanese, Chinese,
Taiwanese and many others. There will be herbal collections, rooibos, Argentinian mate, fruit teas,
Indian masala and everything that is brewed and drunk all over the world.
Since we believe that tea should be drunk in good company, for those who are not tea persons, we will
offer coffee, hot chocolate, cider and even wine.
We know that many people like to drink tea with food (we do it ourselves sometimes), so there will be
delicious food best suited for various tea types.
Just like you, we also love cozy, beautiful and special spaces, where you can sit in good company with
quiet music. Most importantly – we will create such spaces for you!
One of the most important goals for us is to support artists and art enthusiasts and introduce good
people to each other in a benevolent atmosphere. Therefore, there will be exhibitions, lectures and
other interesting events (you cannot imagine how many different ideas we have!)

Now to down-to-earth issues.
We need to:
1) Rent a room
2) Design and renovate it
3) Purchase equipment, utensils, furniture
4) Issue all documents, insurance, etc.
5) Purchase and prepare the first batch of products.

All this requires quite a lot of money, so we ask for your help! The actual amount required to raise this
project is obviously much higher than the one you see on Indiegogo.
We are also looking for investors and we are going to take a loan, but the fewer debts there are from
the very beginning, the more chances are that the project will successfully last for many years.

The Flying Teapot will open in any case, but your donation will help us a lot!
We are very, very grateful to everyone who supports the project and will be happy to see you in our
teahouse in Tel Aviv in the very near future!